Foot orthoses are shoe inserts which aim to improve comfort, function and alignment of the feet. These can be used for many foot and lower limb complaints.

NOW USING 3D Laser scanning - No more messy casting!

At Glen Waverley Foot Clinic, we are proud of the fact that we utilise different types of orthotics: This will give you options to ensure the most appropriate device is prescribed for your feet.  And if your existing pair of orthotics are still structurally sound and appropriate - we will often be able to refurbish them.

Customised Orthotics:

To make your customised orthotics, we take 3D Laser Scan of your foot using a Delcam iQube Mini.    A large variety of materials can be used - soft and hard in infinitely variable shapes and sizes.  The advantages are simple: Highly personalised insoles for maximum comfort and function.

Advantages of our REAL Customised orthotics at Glen Waverley Foot Clinic:

•Genuine negative impression of foot - 3D Laser Scanned using the Delcam iQube Mini. No more plaster mess.

•Customised from beginning to finished product - Not made using preformed templates or blanks like some claimed "customised orthotics"

• Made in Melbourne 

How are they Made?

After the image of the foot is scanned 

The model is adjusted according to your prescription following which a positive adjusted model is made.



From the model, your orthotic material is moulded.


It is then covered and finished according to your needs.



Semi-customised Orthotics:


Semi-customised insoles are highly modifiable and have greater durability than offshelf devices. They are made to a standard template but available in more specific sizes and several styles and materials to suit specific feet. They are great for growing feet -durable, supportive yet still cost effective.

Premade or Offshelf orthotics:


These are made to a standard template and come in several sizes. They are generally modifiable to your feet. The advantage is cost-effectiveness and speed of implementation, however the durability is the compromise.

We can perform numerous adjustments of your orthotics at the time of your consultation, using high quality equipment and materials in a purpose built room.