Our Team

Some background on our practitioners



Björn Lahde 

Bjorn is a podiatrist with 14 years experience in all  all facets of footcare. He has worked in private practice and community health during this time, and with his passion for all sports in general, is knowlegeable in the biomechanical demands of your chosen activity.

Ming Yang

Graduating with degrees in both Podiatry and Exercise Science, Ming brings an engaging style and passion built on over 10-years of fitness industry experience. Spanning all aspects of podiatry, Ming’s interests are pursued with a sound understanding of training principles and lower-limb specific biomechanics. Importantly, in a rapidly evolving industry, Ming prides himself on staying at the cutting-edge by attending an array of seminars and training courses to further enhance his knowledge and skills.  Ming is fluent in Mandarin.


Tish Tily - Welcome Back!

Tish is a podiatrist of 7 years experience primarily in private practice, including a one year stint in London. Tish is a founder and director of She Science - a sports bra store where biomechanical assessments are part of the fitting process.


Kristen Nolan

Kristen is a podiatrist of 21 years experience in all facets of podiatry, including private and community health settings.  She has vast experience in diabetic and arthritic foot conditions and spends her spare time with her husband and two primary school age children.

Melissa Van Onselen

Melissa is an enthusiastic podiatrist with 15 years experience including hospital and community health settings. She loves all aspects of footcare, however her main areas of interest are diabetes, an area she has worked extensively in after 3 years spent in a High Risk Foot Clinic, and care of the ageing foot. Melissa enjoys teaching people how to best care of their feet, expecially those who are newly diagnosed with diabetes.

When she’s not working, Melissa is a busy mother to two active young children and loves swimming, walking and spending time outdoors.


Admin team:


Isabelle Hau

Isabelle WILL have plenty of experience in the health field in her future!  She is currently studying Medicine at Monash and speaks Cantonese (and some Mandarin). 


Suzanne Shinton

Suzanne, enjoys relaxation time around her three children spending time at the beach.



Jessika is currently studying animal science and has a background in dental administration.