What We Treat

Glen Waverley Foot Clinic are a podiatry clinic, treating all types of foot related pains for all age groups from toddlers to 100 year olds plus !!

We treat:

  • Foot, heel and ankle pains including plantar fasciitis.
  • Sports related injury, including Shin Splints, calf pains and knee pains 
  • Forefoot pains including bunions, neuromas and other ball-of -foot pain
  • Orthotics - see our page dedicated 
  • General care - Toe-nails, corns and callouses
  • Arthritis in feet, ankles and the lower limb
  • Diabetic feet - including some wound management and care.
  • Children’s feet, including Sever's, in-toeing, flat feet, curly toes and growth related pains
  • Ingrown toenail surgery

With aid of:

  • Two treadmills for video gait assessment - with record facility
  • Delcam iQube Mini 3d Laser scanner
  • Vascular doppler and several diabetic, neurological and vascular assessment tools

We offer a range of products to complement your treatment:

  • Dr Comfort and Orthaheel Footwear
  • High Quality Diabetic Socks by Red Robin
  • Walkers and Akileine Creams
  • Gel Cushions and Padding
  • Fastenable slippers